Building the future together

Creating opportunities, networks and systems for large-scale digital transformation

By focusing on technology innovation and collaboration, we make everyday challenges disappear. Based in Libya, Lamah is helping create the technological foundations for the entire region to build upon.

Everyday ease

Our Makani application hosts the first digital address system in the country. With over 1 million registered addresses, Makani makes everyday life easier for people nationwide.

Progress for all

We don’t want anyone to get left behind. We offer training and consultation services for businesses, governments and individuals across multiple industries and topics. Lamah provides opportunities for tech graduates to help continue regional learning and progress.

Collaborate and connect

Lamah is all about ‘gathering’. We partner with local businesses and government to help progress their digital transformation, and host the largest coworking space in Libya to support local networking and projects.

For businesses, governments and the public

Smart addresing


Libya is one of the many countries in the MENA region with no formal addressing system. Everyday tasks like receiving mail, to bigger needs like taking out a loan, an address is vital for modern life.

With over 1 million registered addresses, the Makani app gives Libyans a unique digital address and postal code for deliveries and other services. Lamah is developing a more flexible version that can be applied to any country with any landscape that has addressing needs.

Download the Makani app on Google Play or the App Store.

Coworking space


Lamah is all about connecting and nurturing the tech talent of Libya, and providing the spaces and facilities for this to happen. To facilitate this goal, Lamah has created the largest coworking space in the country, Misaha.

As one of the most affordable but high-quality spaces available, Misaha is helping progress holistic innovation and learning for all. The space has a cafe and reliable high-speed internet and power for those days when you really need to get work done. Misaha hosts weekly courses and training sessions, has dedicated meeting rooms and open workspaces, and has a women-only working space too.

What we do best

Consultation and training

We provide consulting and training for businesses, governments and consumers to level up their skills and meet market needs better. Our training courses and consultation services can support your learning and development needs at all stages, whether you’re just starting your business or you’re a fully-fledged enterprise. We can help identify and solve the education gaps that can help existing employees transition to using new technologies, ensuring they’re not left behind.

From getting your ISO certification to learning how to use professional software's and platforms, our services can help you level up. We also can create custom tailored courses and have a variety of trainers that can cater your specific needs. We partner with consulting companies across the world to ensure we’re providing an international standard of support.


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