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Lamah Technologies is a technology company that provides solutions and resources to make everyday challenges easier.

From healthcare to business, we’re putting Libya on the map with our technology solutions and supporting the MENA region’s growth as a whole.

Many of the region’s systems are historical, and no longer serve the modern population in the ways that they need. We’re bettering the present, while planning for the future. From providing tools to helping people build them, our process is about holistic progress.

Our partnerships and facilities put people in the driver's seat and give them the opportunity to design their own future.

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Our Values

Holistic and accessible progress

Innovation and modern living is not an exclusive privilege. It’s for everyone. All of our products and services are designed to be accessible to all. From teenage students to college graduates to fully-fledged businesses, we create tailored solutions to help the entire population move forward together.

Societal impact

Our solutions are all borne of one goal: to once again become a hub of innovation. We provide technology, training and facilities to support individuals and businesses with large-scale digital transformation and modernising the workplace. We want to support the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs, which is why Lamah is supporting the Sahem initiative.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is not just for businesses. It’s for the entire region. We’re bringing new technologies and platforms to all citizens, businesses and government, helping integrate useful tools into our everyday lives. We partner with stakeholders across the Middle East and North Africa to provide the expertise they require to fulfil their goals and better support consumers.

Our Team


Taha Elraaid

Founder & CEO


Ahmed Abulshorud



Muhammad Gargoum

VP of Communications




Our History

Taha Elraaid left Libya as a teenager to look for new opportunities and explore the world. Instead of hearing about the big tech names in the news, Taha came face-to-face with the innovators and ideas.

The connections and knowledge Taha gained were invaluable -- and in 2017 he returned to Libya with a new mission: to bring innovation home.

The opportunities available elsewhere in the world for technology and collaboration needed to be available in Libya too. So, he created them -- and Lamah was born.